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INFORMATION FOR TEACHERS offers language teachers a large set of units
with texts, videos, audios, activities and flashcards.

Texts have been written taking into account important things for students to become successful like the use of familiar words, the background knowledge, understandable concepts, simple syntax and organized ideas.

Only 60 euros per school a year and we will give you log-in codes for all your students to work at school, at home or wherever they are.


Audios are spoken by native English speakers from around the world.

California, USA

I am really enjoying the texts and levels of texts. I like the various activities that you can do with each text. You use a variety of ways to support comprehension.
(True/false, multiple choice, open ended, cloze).


I really love this web and my pupils, after working together for the first time, are eager of surfing it.

Gifu, Japan

I have found the reading texts very useful in my junior high school classes in Japan. I particularly enjoy using the “My World” texts and have used many of these texts both in class and for homework. I like the fact that there are seven levels of text according to language difficulty, and that topics such as countries, capitals, famous people, and celebrations are included. Each text is accompanied by a variety of useful activities, often up to twelve, focusing on reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar development, and summarizing. A particular favourite of mine is the “Write vowels and find the secret message” activity, great for helping students with their spelling. Many new texts have recently been added to the site and I look forward to exploring and using them in the near future.

Sant Fruitós De Bages is an incredible site to work with my students. The site helps students to become successful in their second language acquisition process. I love your materials. The texts are really understandable and they have organized ideas. It's great to be a member of your KOALA TEAM !