Level 3


Leo.- Good morning, my name is Leo.

Anette.- Good morning, Leo. Nice to meet you. My name is Anette.

Leo.- How are you, Anette?

Anette.- I’m OK, thanks. And you?

Leo.- I’m OK, too. What’s your favourite hobby Anette?

Anette.- I am not sure. I have lots of hobbies.

Leo.- Great, but what is your favourite one?

Anette.- Probably my favourite one is listening to music.

Leo.- Do you like listening to music?

Anette.- Yes, a lot. I love it. I listen to music every day.

Leo.- What kind of music do you like most?

Anette.- I love listening to pop music. What do you like doing?

Leo.- I like playing the guitar.

Anette.- Do you play the guitar?

Leo.- Yes, I have two guitars, a black guitar and a red guitar.

Anette.- Great. What else do you like doing?

Leo.- I love playing the piano, too.

Anette.- Really? I love the piano.

Leo.- Well, Anette. Nice to meet you.

Anette.- Nice to meet you too, Leo.

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