Level 4


Hi, my name is Gemma. I am 14 years old. I am from England. I am English. I live in London. I live in a big flat with my family.

I do lots of activities in my free time.

My favourite activity in my free time is meeting my friends. I love meeting my friends. We usually meet in Hyde Park. We usually meet three times a week after school. We play, run and skate in the park. We have a lot of fun!

My second favourite activity in my free time is music. I love music. I love listening to music every day. My favourite kind of music is pop. Also, I play in a band. I play the electric guitar. My band is great. We play pop music. We usually practise on Mondays and Fridays.

Finally, I love hiking in the mountains with my family at the weekends. We usually go to the mountains on Saturdays and Sundays. I feel relaxed when I am in the mountains with my family.



  • 1.- Her name is ________.

    • a.- Lucia
    • b.- Judith
    • c.- Gemma
  • 2.- She lives in a big ________ with her family.

    • a.- house
    • b.- flat
    • c.- palace
  • 3.- Her favourite activity in her free time is meeting her ________.

    • a.- pets
    • b.- cousins
    • c.- friends
  • 4.- They usually meet in ________ Park.

    • a.- Central
    • b.- Hyde
    • c.- G├╝ell
  • 5.- They usually meet ________ times a week.

    • a.- three
    • b.- four
    • c.- five
  • 6.- They ________ ________ in the park.

    • a.- play and walk
    • b.- play and skate
    • c.- sing and skate
  • 7.- Her second favourite activity is ________.

    • a.- golf
    • b.- reading
    • c.- music
  • 8.- She loves listening to music ________ ________.

    • a.- every week
    • b.- every day
    • c.- every month
  • 9.- She plays the ________ ________ in a band.

    • a.- acoustic guitar
    • b.- Spanish guitar
    • c.- electric guitar
  • 10.- She loves hiking in the mountains with her family ________.

    • a.- at the weekends
    • b.- every day
    • c.- in summer
  • Your score is: 4/6