KoalaText, The Project

Koalatext is the leading set of English Teaching Tools for your Classroom. Each student has a code that allows you to follow his/her progress. Schedule surveys to check your students work. You can manage your groups at school or online.


It is a website full of resources to work on reading comprehension in your English class and to improve exam results.

The teacher saves time by searching this website for supplementary material instead of searching the entire Internet.

There are materials to work from the 2nd grade of primary school to lower secondary school.

It is a tool that fits and complements any school project.

It contains a lot of materials: + 400 graded reading comprehension units + 400 audio clips recorded by native speakers + 4000 reading comprehension activities + 80 videos graded in four difficulty levels + 800 online activities + 1000 definitions + 25 grammar units with over 1000 activities + 60 references and vocabulary lists 24 workbooks Key answers for teachers

Each unit can be worked on independently or as a part of a set of units.

You can work from school, at home or wherever you are.

It allows teachers and students to work at any time of day.

You can work on digital screens, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones ... or any other technological tool.

Using our technological materials we facilitate the learning process for students.

More than 400 audio recordings that give voice to our units have been recorded by native speakers with a great diversity of accents from many different countries (South Africa, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA, Wales,...).

If you want, you can work on our units on paper. Each unit has a PDF with its comprehension activities.

There are many schools in countries around the world who have long been working with our project and the results have been very positive.

Teachers who are already working with the project have said that it is very useful, practical, fast, flexible, and well-structured. It is easy for the students to work with and helps to motivate them. The project has a wide variety of contents, which will save you time and money.

It is an open project; new materials are constantly being created to better the project.

The relation price / site is great!

It is a tool created by teachers for teachers.

Students love it.

Teachers love it too.